About us
About the Finca
Finca El Quinto is a family run ecological farm with individually designed holiday homes in the north of Tenerife. Three generations live and create together. The Finca has its beginnings in 1986 and is now managed by the second generation. It is one of the few holiday fincas in the Canary Islands that, in addition to offering a unique  holiday experience, also runs organic farming. The formerly fallow land has been transformed step by step into a natural oasis with traditional Canarian style accomodations. The apartments and houses are situated between orange trees, banana palms and many other exotic plants and tree species. Besides finding relaxation in the unique nature, Finca El Quinto is the perfect starting point for numerous leisure and sports activities, such as hiking, climbing, surfing, paragliding and much more.
About the houses
The cottages on Finca El Quinto are a tribute to the traditional Canarian architecture and carpentry. All houses have been built & renovated so that they harmonize perfectly with their surroundings. During the construction and renovation of the houses, we were committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible and therefore use only sustainable products. The restoration of old wooden planks from the 18th century and the recycling of typical Canarian roof tiles complete the bond with the island. The houses are fully furnished and modern art and antiques from around the world provide each house with its individuality.

Celebrating sustainable tourism

We are determined to treat nature as gently as possible. Not only in the cultivation of the land, but also in the construction of the houses, care was taken to use all resources in a sustainable and ecological sense. It is important to us to use water, electricity, etc. as responsibly as possible – all houses have a sophisticated sewage system to treat and recycle the waste water.


The self-sufficiency of the Finca is our focus. Our treasure is the water spring on the Finca. Its wonderful, vital water, which flows from a more than three kilometre deep mountain tunnel, has made our finca flourish for decades. Our two swimming pools are also filled with this spring water as well as the water tanks which are used to irrigate the finca.


During a guided tour of the Finca we will answer all your questions. We will be happy to explain the ecological cultivation of oranges, bananas, avocados, lemons, papayas, guayavos, chirimoya, herbs of all kinds and vegetables depending on the season. Of course our guests can also purchase the fruits of the finca. Chickens and black pigs live on the Finca. Therefore our guests can enjoy fresh eggs and can feed the organic waste to our pigs.

Fresh and high quality

One of the main ideas of the finca is to give guests the opportunity to reconnect with nature. Guests experience and are actively involved in the processes of natural agriculture. The self- harvesting of organic products provides not only an exceptional freshness and quality of the food, but also the stimulus to break new and sustainable ground at home.
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